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Saturday, December 26, 2009

伍家辉 - 我疯你

Jac Wu - I Crazy You [Released 25/12/2009]

专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/59MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.虽然我愿意 (sui ran wo yuan yi)
02.无家可回 (wu jia ke hui)
03.听听 (ting ting)
04.我疯你 (wo feng ni)
05.一个人白头 (yi ge ren bai tou)
06.肚子饿了 (du zi e le)
07.空缺 (kong que)
08.要你说爱我 (yao ni shuo ai wo)
09.童话傻瓜 (tong hua sha gua)
10.远距离 (yuan ju li)
11.一人一半 (yi ren yi ban)



专辑名称: 伍家辉
演唱歌手: Although I'm Willing (雖然我願意)
发行时间: 14 May 2008
专辑语种: Mandarin

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.雖然我願意 [sui ran wo yuan yi]
02.無家可回 [wu jia ke hui]
03.聼聼 [ting ting]
04.我瘋你 [wo feng ni]
05.一個人白頭 [yi ge ren bai tou]
06.肚子餓了 [du zi e le]
07.空缺 [kong que]
08.要說你愛我 [yao shuo ni ai wo]
09.童話傻瓜 [tong hua sha gua]
10.遠距離 [yuan ju li]
11.一人一半 [yi ren yi ban]
12.一人一半 (合唱版) [yi ren yi ban (Duet)]
13.一人一半 (演唱會版) [yi ren yi ban (Live)]

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sukyee said...

wow... my first post here. but i just had to.. because i'm such a fan of this guy. i'd heard him singing live on a radio talk show whilst i was waiting for someone and was just chilling and enjoying and looked up his music for fun. and then i heard this song 'i crazy you' my favourite song in the album my miles and miles. in fact this album was my favourite chinese album of 2008. i just don't get why the relaunch with the exact same songs except that some ppl are going to have a chance to listen to this great singer!

:: FUNKOMUNKY :: said...

i cant seem to use the password ...please advise....

thank you.....:)