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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finn - 我小时候是嬉皮

Finn - I am Hippie When I was A Child [Released 01/10/2009]


专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.世界名曲 (shi jie ming qu)
02.文艺青年 (wen yi qing nian)
03.改变自己 (gai bian zi ji)
04.我小时候是嬉皮 (wo xiao shi hou shi xi pi)
05.奔跑,为了跌倒 (ben pao, wei le die dao)
06.沉默 (chen mo)
07.阿珠的陷阱 (a zhu de xian jing)
08.爱情与河 (ai qing yu he)
09.误会 (wu hui)
10.发炎 (fa yan)
11.无言 (wu yan)
12.三十 (san shi)


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