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Monday, February 8, 2010

孙燕姿全集 - Stefanie Sun Discography

Stefanie Sun - My Story, Your Song 2010 Collections [Released 05/02/2010]

专辑名称:My Story, Your Song 经典全纪录(2010香港特别版)
专辑语种:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/259MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

CD 1 (My Story)

01.雨天 (yu tian)
02.我要的幸福 (wo yao de xing fu)
03.天黑黑 (tian hei hei)
04.第六感 (di liu gan)
05.The Moment
06.奔 (ben)
07.害怕 (hai pa)
08.太阳底下 (tai yang di xia)
09.懂事 (dong shi)
10.风筝 (feng zheng)
11.神奇 (shen qi)
12.我不难过 (wo bu nan guo)
13.我也很想他 (wo ye hen xiang ta)
14.梦不落 (meng bu luo)
15.Silent all these years
16.任性 (ren xing)
17.第一天 (di yi tian)
18.我不爱 (wo bu ai)

CD 2 (Your Song)

01.梦想天空 (meng xiang tian kong)
02.开始懂了 (kai shi dong le)
03.爱情证书 (ai qing zheng shu)
04.绿光 (lü guang)
05.爱情字典 (ai qing zi dian)
06.原点 (yuan dian)
07.超快感 (chao kuai gan)
08.逃亡 (tao wang)
09.隐形人 (yin xing ren)
10.难得一见 (nan de yi jian)
11.遇见 (yu jian)
12.完美的一天 (wan mei de yi tian)
13.直来直往 (zhi lai zhi wang)
14.眼泪成诗 (yan lei cheng shi)
15.同类 (tong lei)
16.零缺点 (ling que dian)
17.很好 (hen hao)
18.我的爱 (wo de ai)

CD 3 (Bonus Tracks)

01.橄榄树 (gan lan shu)
02.Hey Jude
03.了解 (le jie)
04.慢慢来 (man man lai)
05.坏天气 (huai tian qi)
06.练习 (lian xi)
08.就是这样 (jiu shi zhe yang)
09.学会 (xue hui)
10.Honey honey

Download CD1, CD2, CD3


Amei + Stefanie Sun - 2Her [Released 21 January 2009]

【专辑名称】: 2her
【演唱歌手】: 张惠妹/孙燕姿
【发行时间】: 21 January 2009
【专辑语种】: Mandarin (Pop)

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.遇见 (孙燕姿) (yu jian)
02.记得 (张惠妹) (ji de)
03.我的爱 (孙燕姿) (wo de ai)
04.你好不好 (张惠妹) (ni hao bu hao)
05.我也很想他 (孙燕姿) (wo ye hen xiang ta)
06.人质 (张惠妹) (ren zhi)
07.害怕 (孙燕姿) (hai pa)
08.我恨我爱你 (张惠妹) (wo hen wo ai ni)
09.任性 (孙燕姿) (ren xing)
10.我为什么那么爱你 (张惠妹) (wo wei shen me na me ai ni)
11.天黑黑 (孙燕姿) (tian hei hei)
12.勇敢 (张惠妹) (yong gan)
13.我不难过 (孙燕姿) (wo bu nan guo)
14.真实 (张惠妹) (zhen shi)
15.我要的幸福 (孙燕姿) (wo yao de xing fu)
16.我要快乐 (张惠妹) (wo yao kuai le)
17.她们的歌 (ta men de ge)

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Password : #++burgundyky++#

专辑名称:逆光 (Against The Light)
Download 320K
专辑名称:经典全纪录 主打精华版 (My Love Your Song)
Download Part1,Part2,Part3 (320K)
专辑名称:完美的一天 (A Perfact Day)
Download 320K
专辑名称:The Stefanie
Download 320K
专辑名称:The Moment
Download CD1, CD2 (VBR)
专辑名称:未完成 (to be Continued)
Download VBR
Download 160K
专辑名称:自选集 (Start)
Download 256K
专辑名称:风筝 (Kite)
Download 320K

专辑名称:我要的幸福 (My Desired Happiness)
Download 320K
专辑名称:同名专辑 (Self Titled)
Download 320


Anonymous said...

Wah..thanks burgundyky..dah lama ni ditunggu album stefanie nya..saya cuma mau cari album "start" sama "leave". Album yang lain dah lengkap.
Thank you very much

lee tzu said...

thz a lot!!!!! wow.. so so happy.. dont know wat to say but thx thx thx~

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much sincerely, BurgundyKY!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, really don't know what to say....you've brought us so many good music. Some of the singers I may not even heard of, if not for your generous shares. Thank you once again.

Wish you ever success in your future work.

Luffy said...

thx banget dah refer dari Kaskus ke sini..


-El Sol-

placidian said...

There's a few lovely things here I've wanted for a while, thank you!

fengshuifan said...

nice :) www.skillon.com

loiire said...

love stefanie sun,..BRAVO

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