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Friday, September 18, 2009

麦浚龙 - 天生地梦

Juno Mak - Innately Dream [Released 17/09/2009]

唱片公司:Silly Thing
专辑语言:Cantonese (Pop)

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.生死疲劳 (sheng si pi lao)
02.颠倒梦想 (dian dao meng xiang)
03.弱水三千 (ruo shui san qian)
04.True Romance
05.Dancing With The Devil
06.Never Say Goodbye


Juno Mak - Why [Relased 20 November 2008]

【专辑名称】: Why
【演唱歌手】: 麦浚龙 (Juno Mak)
【发行时间】: 20 November 2008
【专辑语种】: Cantonese (Pop)

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.歪 (wai)
02.呕吐 (ou tu)
03.连体婴 (lian ti ying)
04.写得太多 (Solo Version) (xie de tai duo)
05.我们的末日 (wo men de mo ri)
06.八阵图与旅客 (ba zhen tu yu lü ke)
07.灵魂从没有秘密 (ling hun cong mei you mi mi)
08.假使不可一起安息 (jia shi bu ke yi qi an xi)
09.从此世界多一分钟 (cong ci shi jie duo yi fen zhong)
10.从桃花源竟踩到地雷震 (cong tao hua yuan jing cai dao de lei zhen)
11.写得太多 (Duet Version) feat.伦永亮 (xie de tai duo)
12.灵魂从没有秘密 (Secret Remix) feat.24 Herbs) (ling hun cong mei you mi mi)

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Yvie said...

Thanks! I love your site!

Do you have Juno's earlier songs?